Ethanol Nanosensors
TEHRAN - Iranian researchers from Tehran University and Shahid Rajayee Teachers Training University produced nanosensors to identify ethanol gas by synthesizing zinc oxide-tin oxide nanostructures.

Zinc oxide-tin oxide nanostructure (ZnO-SnO2) has specific characteristics due to its vast conductivity change domain, and its sensitivity to the presence of gas. By identifying zinc oxide-tin oxide nanostructure and using nanotechnology, the researchers produced nanosensors that are sensitive to the presence of ethanol in environment and have high selectivity in regard with this gas.

The mentioned nanostructure had so far been produced through different and almost more difficult methods. Therefore and after carrying out studies on the synthesis of this nanostructure, the researchers succeeded in the production of ZnO-SnO2 nanostructure through the simpler method of deposition.

By carrying out experiments on the synthesized nanosensor, the researchers obtained desirable results. The results showed that by adding Zn2+ to the structure of SnO2, the SnO2's structure, morphology, and sensor behavior are improved. Therefore, the synthesized nanosensor has a higher sensitivity and selectivity to ethanol than to carbon monoxide and methanol in the environment.

source: farsnews


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