My opinion is that all the towns debating the agreements to send their garbage to the proposed ethanol plant are unknowingly helping Mr. Powers solicit the funding he needs for the plant.

“See? Dyer thinks it will work, so does Munster, so you should give us the money.”

Actually, I hope the technology works, but I have seen no proof that it works for something as complicated as municipal garbage.

Then, for all the positive benefits touted by proponents of the plant, they want to build it in the floodplain of the Kankakee River. In other words, “Everything about this plant is good for the environment except where we build it.”

I don’t think it makes sense to collect 10,000 tons of garbage per day and then transport it 30 miles to process it.

I have also been told that all the recyclables will be removed from the trash before it gets processed. I can’t buy it. They need that tonnage to make their product.

There are so many unknowns for this project that I think it is irresponsible for the Lake County Solid Waste Management District Board to continue to promote it.

Kill this proposal and start over.

source: nwitimes


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