GeneSyst U.K. Ltd., part of Hudson, Ohio-based Genesyst Inc., is planning to invest 435 million euros ($618 million) in three waste-to-ethanol plants in Malta.

The first project will produce as much as 90 million liters of ethanol that can be blended with gasoline and used as transport fuel, Peter Hurrell, director at Wirral, northwest England-based GeneSyst, said today in an e-mail.

Design and construction of the first facility should start in the second half of this year, Hurrell said, and it’s expected to start operating in 2013 to 2014. It will cost almost 103 million euros.

GeneSyst’s second plant in the country will be about twice the size of the first, said Hurrell, with an investment of about 206 million euros. It should start working by 2014-2015, he said.

The final project in Malta will cost about 126.7 million euros and will be a “different format” to the previous two, said Hurrell. It may be co-located in Gozo and Malta, he said.

“Malta was chosen by GeneSyst U.K. because it is strategically located for the wider development of the company in the general locale of the Mediterranean and beyond,” said Hurrell.

“Importantly, Malta has an excellent source of engineering technicians and apprentices with the skills needed to support the operations and maintenance needs of the first Malta biomass- to-ethanol facility,” he said.

The facilities will use biomass derived from non-food sources to produce the clean fuel, said Hurrell. The majority will be sourced from outside Malta, he said.

GeneSyst is building two similar facilities in Yorkshire, northeast England. The first, costing about 82 million pounds ($133 million), should start producing ethanol by 2013 to 2014. The second, costing about 133 million pounds, should start working by 2014.

source: bloomberg


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