If you're not aware of what E15 gasoline is you should watch the video below.

And beyond how much not knowing could cost you in your pocketbook, you might ponder how our government could be scamming us this way. The answer is "special interest" politics. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

We might add that the damage E15 or even E10 gasoline can do to small engines, such as lawnmowers, motorcycles, weedeaters, and even boat engines is potentially even greater. A member of our staff bought a lawnmower this past summer. After cutting his yard twice the engine would not crank. He took it to the authorized repair shop and they told him it was damaged by E10 gasoline. It cost him over $100 to get it fixed. The owner's manual recommends using 87 octane regular. Not a word about ethanol. But the service man showed the lawnmower owner a "Service Advisory" from Briggs and Stratton that said clearly that gasoline with ethanol will damage the engine.

Be advised.

source: beaufortobserver.

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