Three Sugar Millers Association supported the government's plan to become part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the free trade agreement which has involved 11 Asia-Pacific nations, expecting that the pact would boost Thailand's sugar exports.

Valyari Paisooksantivatana, secretary of the TSMC’s public relations working group, said that TPP would entail tariff cuts and abolishment of non-tariff barriers to services and trade.

Involved in the TPP negotiations so far are 11 countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States.

"Joining TPP would open a wider door for Thai exports to the countries, particularly agricultural exports. The sugar industry stands to benefit from the partnership, as Thailand is now the world’s second largest sugar exporter," she said. "Yet, the government must thoroughly take into accounts the pros and cons of this pact on the entire economy, to maximise Thailand’s competitiveness in trade and investment."

source: nationmultimedia.

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