BHANDARA: With a view to empower persons engaged in agriculture allied activities in the district, Vainganga Sugar and Power Ltd, Devada has taken an initiative to help landless farmers engaged in cutting and transportation of sugarcane for procuring an additional four-wheel trolley for their tractor trailers and also a pair of bullocks.

The sugar factory will stand guarantor for the loan taken for purchasing the trolley. In six months, the beneficiary will be owner of the trolley on repayment of the loan amount that will be deducted from the transportation bill. Also, through this venture, 5,000 labourers are set to gain employment in the sugarcane season.

Since the sugar industry is dependent on services of cultivators, truck, tractor operators and labourers, the management of the factory, which was commissioned last year, decided to help people engaged in transporting sugarcane from the fields to the factory. Since they have only one trolley attached to their tractors, the factory will help them in buying an additional four-wheeled trolley.

Initially, the factory has selected 125 tractor trolley owners for the scheme. The factory will stand guarantor for the loan of Rs1.5 lakh from the Bank of India. This will benefit the tractor trolley owners during the crushing season as they will be able to transport sugarcane in two trolleys attached to the same tractor, thereby reducing the cost. They will be able to transport 14/15 metric tonne sugarcane daily in only one trip.

Moreover, each trolley gives employment to 20 labourers engaged in cutting, loading and unloading of sugarcane. So, two trolleys will require 40 labourers who will be getting Rs250 as daily wage. This way, nearly 5000 labourers will get employment for six months. Next month, the factory plans to add 25 more tractor trolley owners to the scheme.

Sadhu Dhondu Kapgate of Umari village and Rajesh Lahanu Kapgate of Shendurwafa village said they never dreamt of buying additional trolley. "Next year, we will purchase two trolleys and a new tractor," they added.

In another scheme, the sugar factory will be give rubber wheeled cart and Rs30,000 for purchasing a pair of bullocks to 15 landless farmers from village Mundhari (Khurd). The money will be recovered by deducting some amount from the transportation bill. After full repayment, the beneficiary will become the owner of these bullocks. Moreover, two persons are employed on one bullock cart. They will get Rs300 as daily wage. The factory won't charge any rent for the rubber wheeled cart and plans to add another 10 beneficiaries to the scheme. Bharat Shankar Gondole of Mundhari (Khurd) said this way he will be able to realize the dream of owning a pair of bullocks.

Managing director of Purti sugar and power group, Sudhir Dive said their sugar factories will continue to make all possible attempts to empower farmers and other farm labourers.

source: TOI


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