UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has said in no uncertain terms that the sugar cane cooperative societies are important and their views are taken into consideration while fixing mill wise areas in the state.

The principal work of the cooperative societies is to promote the interests of farmers and ensure supply from member farmers but laissez faire policy would mess up things.

Reiterating his firm commitment to uphold the interests of farmers, Mr Yadav said de-regulation of the cane sector would expose farmers to serious difficulties as sugar mills would no longer be subject to any control.

The sugar mills could exercise their freedom in a negative way and their procurement could be skewed, he cautioned.

Mr Yadav was airing his views after his meeting with Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council Chairman Mr Rangarajan in the capital.

The end of intervention in the cane sector would spell a fierce price competition and the sugar mills could take undue advantage of their crushing capacity, Mr Yadav noted.

While talking about the foreign trade in sugar, Mr Yadav called for extension of special facilities to the mills of North India as they are far away from the sea ports.

source: indiancooperative


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