Havana, Prospects of the world sugar market is the title of one of the lectures to be given during an international seminar to be held on June 7, attended by representatives from 17 nations, an official source informed.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Director of Cubazucar, Juan Alberto Kelly, also said that the event is part of activities for the 50th anniversary of that business that belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment.

The forum is sponsored by the ministry, the International Sugar Organization and the sugar group Azcuba.

Kelly said that prestigious figures expected to attend include ISO Director Peter Baron.

"We want to host the seminar not only to mark the anniversary of the foundation of the corporation in 1962, but also to talk about the Cuban sugar industry, its reality, challenges, possibilities and projections.

"We also want to know from specialists and international lectures the changing situation and challenges ahead of the international sugar market," he added.

Other issues include the future role of Cuba in the world sugar economy, the supply/demand of the product by 2020, sugar products and new developments in sugar cane production.

There will be a presentation of the experiences of the Jesus Rabi sugar mill, in western Cuba, because of its high agricultural and industrial efficiency. It boasts an advanced harvest system.

Cubazucar is the state-run business in charge of exporting all sugar available in the country.

It has an essential role in the national economy because sugar remains a high value-added product with a significant role in the balance of trade and payment.

source: plenglish


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