Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) says wet weather has delayed the reconstruction of the Lucinda bulk sugar terminal in the state's north, which was damaged by Cyclone Yasi 15 months ago.

The 5.5 kilometre terminal north of Townsville, is the longest service jetty in the Southern Hemisphere but was extensively damaged during the cyclone.

QSL spokeswoman Carla Keith says trucks will once again have to transport sugar to Townsville from next week.

She says the facility at Lucinda should be fixed by late July.

"We're going to be trucking sugar, the remaining sugar, about 54,000 tonnes of sugar left in the Lucinda shed and we're going to be trucking that down to Townsville," she said.

"That's going to be happening in daylight hours and that'll be starting on May 21, so next Monday we'll start that program.

"They will be operating during daylight hours and they certainly won't be running into the night, like they were previously, and they will be endeavouring to limit any inconvenience to residents.

"We have obviously gone through and met with council and State Government requirements for that trucking program [which] is due to get underway."


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