Swaziland's House of Assembly Speaker Prince Guduza met with Kuwait's Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday to discuss economic and trade bilateral cooperation.

Speaking to a host of attending Kuwaiti businessmen, he said his government
was keen to boost these relations, particularly in the field of agriculture.
Swaziland produces an annual 700,000 tonnes of sugar - 90 pct of which, he
said, is sold to the US, Europe and Africa.

The size of the production is not enough to accommodate the huge domestic
demand, which is why Swaziland seeks to increase this, said the prince,
calling on Kuwaiti investors to seize opportunities in the production, storage
and transport of sugar.

Swaziland plans to inaugurate an international airport in the coming months, which represents another opportunity for investment in the running of the airport, Guduza mentioned, noting that direct flights to Kuwait will be available following the occasion.

source: kuna


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