THE ENERGY department will review projections on the country’s biofuel requirements, an official told reporters on Friday.

“We will revisit the national biofuels program and hopefully provide a more realistic target in the next five years,” said Energy Undersecretary Jose M. Layug, Jr. said.

He noted that “five years ago, the government wanted the Philippines to be the top ethanol producer in Asia, but we hardly produced...”

Republic Act No. 9367, or the Biofuels Act of 2006, mandated a certain percentage of ethanol and biodiesel blend in fuels. This percentage was supposed to increase two to four years after the law took effect. Ethanol blend increased to 10% in August last year from 5%, but biodiesel blend has not risen to 5% from 2%.

The country has demand for 460 million liters of ethanol under the 10% blend, up from 200 million liters under the 5% blend. Existing supply has been estimated at 79 million liters.

Demand for biodiesel is estimated to rise to 300 million liters under a 5% blend from the 143.9 million liters under 2% mix.

source: bworldonline


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