In Florida, Bell Performance announced the launch of Ethanol Defense, an alcohol-free commercial grade ethanol treatment designed to solve common ethanol problems, protect engines from ethanol damage and improve gas mileage by up to 12 percent or more.

According to Bell, Ethanol Defense users should expect improved gas mileage and noticeably better engine performance. The combustion improvers in Ethanol Defense make more fuel available for combustion at the optimal time, while providing superior detergency to clean and remove ethanol-related deposits from the engine and fuel system, and water control protection. This makes Ethanol Defense the most powerful and effective treatment for ethanol available to consumers today, at a time when consumers need it the most.

“We have created a product that speaks to the conscious driver looking to protect their equipment, to extend its useful lifetime of their equipment and give them better performance,” says Glenn Williams, President of Bell Performance. “Making the choice to use Ethanol Defense will not only benefit these conscious drivers today, but it will also help to protect their vehicles and equipment for many years to come.”

source: biofuelsdigest


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