This week the science journal Nature published a controversial commentary from researchers Laura Schmidt, Robert Lustig and Claire Brindis titled "The toxic truth about sugar." Schmidt wrote an opinion piece on the subject for CNN as well.

In the piece, Schmidt says that the public needs to be better informed about the science of how sugar impacts our health. She and her colleagues are recommending that the United States look at how it regulates alcohol to determine how we should regulate sugar.

The Sugar Association says the commentary "lacks the scientific evidence or consensus on which the authors base their recommended policy interventions." The association's statement goes on to say:

"We consider it irresponsible when health professionals use their platforms to instill fear by using words like 'diabetes,' 'cancer,' and even 'death,' without so much as one disclaimer about the fact that the incomplete science being referenced is inconclusive at best.

We are confident that the American people are perfectly capable of choosing what foods to eat without stark regulations and unreasonable bans imposed upon them.

There is an obesity problem in our country that can lead to the very serious health issues mentioned in the comment - but it originates from the combination of over-consumption of all foods and lack of exercise. To label a single food as the one and only problem misinforms, misleads and confuses consumers, and simply adds to the problem."

Read the Sugar Association's full response here

source: cnn


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