ethanol fuel system
Welcome, Minn. — Easy Energy Systems (EES), a privately held, development-stage maker of systems for producing ethanol fuel from a variety of non-food feestocks, has raised $350,000 in equity investment, the beginning of an open-ended funding round, according to a new filing by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Having begun work on its technology system in 2005, EES has recently expanded its operations to include executive offices in Scottsdale, Ariz. The company says it plans to create over 450 jobs between its three facilities.

EES’ systems create energy using various forms of organic waste, energy crops and more. According to the company, its systems are completely automated and scalable, allowing farmers, municipalities and governments to create and maintain energy plants of any size that both reduce local organic waste and produce clean, sustainable energy.

In EES’ process, feedstock is mixed with water and enzymes, heated and prepared for complex sugar breakdown and fermentation. Yeast is added to the mixture and allowed to ferment, resulting in a beer-like mixture of alcohol (ethanol) and solids.

The ethanol is separated from the solids and continues through the distillation system. In most cases, remaining solids can be repurposed into distillers grains, fertilizer or animal feed, according to EES.

source: smartenergynews


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