Chiefs in the western division have thrown their full support behind the revival of the sugar industry.

In commending their support - Ministry of Sugar permanent secretary Manasa Vaniqi says this is a big achievement for FSC since these chiefs are big landowners in their different districts.

Vaniqi visited the paramount chief of Nadroga, ‘Na Ka Levu’, Ratu Sakuisa Makutu - the Tui Ba in Sorokoba, the Tui Ba in Nailaga, the Tui Nadi and the Tui Vitogo who have expressed full support for the sugar industry revival.

He says the paramount chief of Nadroga has given his assurances that he is willing to approve the use of some unused lands for sugar cane cultivation and also support the renewal of expired sugar cane leases.

So far 74 per cent of the expired cane land leases under the ALTA has been renewed.

source: radiofiji


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