Wendy Thomas, manager of United Hervey Bay on Maryborough Hervey Bay Rd, plans to sell unleaded fuel with 10% ethanol at 10 cents a litre cheaper than rivals tomorrow.

UNITED Petroleum is today spot checking competitors' prices across Hervey Bay so it can sell unleaded fuel with 10% ethanol at 10 cents a litre less than its rivals tomorrow.

United claims its Hervey Bay unleaded/ethanol fuel price is usually 4 cents a litre lower than competitors.

The additional 10 cents a litre discount will create potential savings of up to 14 cents a litre.

United is funding the national campaign to promote ethanol.

The guerrilla tactics indicate how tough the fight is at local bowsers and the lengths suppliers will go to carve out a share of the regional market.

About six weeks ago, the Hervey Bay Boat Club opened the pumps at its refitted automated outlets and let fuel flow at a price that undercut fuel discounters Coles and Woolworths by one cent a litre.

Now it is United Hervey Bay's turn - though the outlet's price adventuring is limited to its PLUS ULP product.

"It is about time that Hervey Bay got something," United's Hervey Bay outlet manager Wendy Thomas joked.

"Overall the price is fairly steady here in the Bay so this sort of promotion should create some excitement."

The promotion is restricted to United's fuel station on the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd.

Yesterday, the outlet was selling E10 unleaded for 138.7 cents a litre.

The bowser price for E10 unleaded could be as low as 128 cents a litre.

A spot check of Hervey Bay prices yesterday showed a median price of about 142.9 cents a litre for unleaded petrol with ethanol in it.

source: frasercoastchronicle


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