HARTLEY, Iowa - It's been two years since Verasun Energy went bankrupt and Valero took over several ethanol plants, including one in Hartley, IA.

Since that time, company officials say this plant is turning a profit and they have some big plans for its future.

It's a facility that has been crucial in Valero's investment to renewable energy.

"Plants are doing well. The plants remain profitable. We have been profitable through the first two quarters of this year," said Bill Day Executive Director of Media Relations for Valero.

The Hartley Valero plant is just one of ten facilities the company owns in the US that produces ethanol.

"So the future is very bright. We expect our ethanol division to keep growing, remain profitable," said Day.

This is good news for farmers from around the area.

"The better price the farmers can get, especially in an environment like this, the better off they are and the better price we can get the better off we are. It's one of those things that has helped Valero remain profitable with its ethanol plants," said Day.

Now after seeing profits, an expansion is in the works.

"Each of the plants has seven fermenters which help in the ethanol making process. We're going to build an 8th, which will help again increase some of this capacity," said Day.

"One of the reasons we bought these plants is that they're modern updated plants and have the space and the capacity to add on new technologies like cellulosic. So yes we're looking at cellulosic. We're actually working with a couple of companies that are developing this technology," said Day.

This will provide a boost for the folks in and around community.

Officials say that the extra fermenter will be completed by the end of the year.

Another Siouxland plant that Valero owns is in Albert City, IA.


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