Nearly all gas stations now sell gasoline that has up to 10 percent ethanol content.

Q: Where can I purchase gas that does not have ethanol in it?

-Ron, Dunedin

A: Near the water for the most part. And luckily for you, Ron, there's a Citgo right near you in Dunedin that sells ethanol-free fuel.

Nearly all gas stations now sell gasoline that has up to 10 percent ethanol content – part of this nation's drive to support corn-based ethanol production and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

But boaters, rightly or wrongly, have long complained that ethanol trashes marine engines. So some area gas stations and marinas set aside a tank and pump to provide ethanol-free gasoline, purchased especially from the Port of Tampa. Sometime's it's labeled "recreational" blend.

Gas stations that specialize in racing fuels will sometimes carry ethanol-free blends. As you might guess, maintaining a separate tank and pump can add some cost.

Quick Nick's Citgo in downtown Dunedin now charges $3.779 for a gallon of regular gasoline with ethanol, and $4.059 for an ethanol-free blend, and $4.099 for premium.

But owner Nick Chaconas said it was worth taking out his diesel pump to start providing ethanol-free to his customers, especially since he's close to a marina. "My experience, ethanol-free is easier on motors," he said. Besides boaters, "lawn maintenance crews come in droves to fill up their mowers and trimmers because it runs cooler and is better for the engines."

Chemically, ethanol-free should also help improve your car's mileage, as an equal volume of ethanol contains less energy than pure gasoline. "I use it," Chaconas said, "And I get about 10 to 15 percent better mileage."

Before driving over, it's worth calling around to check on prices, as they can vary as much as 25 cents per gallon for ethanol-free blends. Here are a few stations I found, though there are other unconfirmed lists on other Web sites.

Quick Nick's Citgo

840 Broadway


Bollinger's Sunoco

3800 Tyrone Blvd N.

St Petersburg


1403 Clearwater Largo Road N.


McMullen Oil Co.

11965 49th Street North



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