NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France announced Saturday afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway that NASCAR would be going green in 2011.

No, not with electric cars, because then we wouldn't be able to smell the exhaust or go deaf from the roar of the engines. And besides, how boring would a pit stop be if the gas-can man stood idly after plugging a plug into the left-rear quarterpanel?

Instead, France announced that the top three NASCAR series will use a 15 percent ethanol blend next year.

“NASCAR is committed to being an environmental leader, and the sport has taken significant steps over the years toward conservation by introducing measurable, best-in-class initiatives in recycling, alternative energy, and carbon mitigation,” France said.

The Izod IndyCar Series has used 100 percent ethanol since 2007.

The ethanol will be American produced -- imagine the outcry if it wasn't -- and France also said that the fuel mileage effects of the new blend were negligible and that teams have already dyno tested with the new fuel and that it may also lead to slightly increased horsepower numbers.

source: yahoo


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