WASHINGTON – The American Petroleum Institute (API) has announced the publication of a document detailing recommended practices for storing and handling ethanol and gasoline ethanol blends at terminals and gas stations.

NACS advises members to ensure their fuel dispensing equipment is legally certified and compatible with renewable fuel blends, especially the soon-to-be-approved E15. The API document clarifies these compatibility requirements as well as details other issues related to selling higher blends of renewable fuels.

The 74-page document, “Storing And Handling Ethanol And Gasoline-Ethanol Blends At Distribution Terminals And Service Stations,” is available in hardcopy and PDF format for $150. Purchasing information is available here or by calling (800) 854-7179. Questions about the document should be directed to Stephen Crimaudo.

The September NACS Magazine focuses on selling renewable fuels such as E15.

source: nascoonline


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