The Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) is considering some measures to speed up the shipment of sugar following a recent meeting with representatives of the sugar industry.

SRA Administrator Regina Bautista-Martin said that sugar farmers’ federations are asking for export of sugar to the US at a much earlier date than usual and tap the world export market to help relieve the domestic pressure.

The country has 40,952.80 metric tons on “A” or US quota sugar and 55,853.24 metric tons of “D” or world market sugar on stock and ready for export.

Marin has welcomed the suggestion and referred the matter to the sugar board for study and consultation with the different stakeholders in the sugar industry.

The sugar milling started last September 1, 2012, and more mills started operations early this crop year 2012-13 compared to the previous crop year.

As of September 30, 2012, there are nine mills in operation, a significant jump from the three mills that started during the same period in crop year 2011-12. With more mills grinding cane, production in the initial weeks of the crop year was significantly high, said SRA.

In the first four weeks of milling in crop year 2012-13, the country has produced 73,528 metric tons indicating an increase of 395 percent when compared to the 14,824 metric tons production in October 2011.

SRA explained the increase in production at this early stage is due to the early start of milling of sugar mills in Negros.

The early shipment of “A” and “D” sugar is a response to the growing volume of available and, therefore, weak demand of sugar.

According to SRA, we can take advantage of the available stocks on hand and work for their export to their destined market.

Last crop year, the Philippines exported more than 200,000 metric tons to the United States and about 326,000 metric tons to the world market. (EHL)

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